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  • How do I prepare for my video shoot?

    You can allow Lionize Productions up to 100% of all creative concept control and just be yourself.

    Our experience and passion in documentarian filmmaking and cinematography will have you covered throughout the entire process and guarantee your story to be told in a way that you've never imagined.

    If providing an on-camera narrative, your interview preparations could be in the form of Lionize Productions providing you with your topics prior to your shoot.  If certain visuals are needed, we will do the scouting and professional lighting techniques needed to capture the highest quality imagery possible.

  • What will my video be like?

    Video technology is more accessible than ever but storytelling is an art that you cannot buy from a shelf.

    Lionize Productions specializes in bringing stories to life in cinematic, engaging productions by prompting the appropriate questions in interviews, capturing the organic personality of a business and it's deliverables and creatively storyboarding in a documentarian, motivational style.  We do not prefer any canned approaches to productions and your video will not be like any other videos.  We guarantee your story to be told in an impressive way that you've never imagined.

  • How long should my video be?

    Truth is, there are two answers for this question:

    1. As short as possible

    2. It depends

    In the 2018 Age of Multimedia, attention spans shrink lower than that of a goldfish of 8 seconds.  This coincidentally coincides with YouTube commercials allowing a viewer to tap out after 5 seconds making those first 5 seconds a crucial hook point in mass market, creative video commercials and overall makes the potential disengagement point of a marketing video very early in the video.  Lionize Productions creates the hook and creative engaging content to keep the viewer to the call to action.

    Typical video lengths are as follows:

    MINIMERCIAL (Creative Concept Commercial/Elevator Pitch to your Niche) - 15-59 seconds

    DOCUMERCIAL (A Documentary Style Creative Concept Commercial) - 45-90 seconds

    CINEMERCIAL (Creative Concept and Highly Cinematic) - 30-59 seconds

    V.L.O.G.'s (Video Blogs) - 30 - 59 seconds

    Tutorials/Explainers - 45-90 seconds

    Crowdfunding Videos - Average 2.5 minutes

  • Where could I use my video?

    Social Media:

    Your Lionize Production is quality balanced and formatted for local cable network advertising but is most heavily utilized in social media.  By 2020, video will account for over 3/4 of mobile usage and 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media so having your visual voice and pulse in social media makes the ROI for your video productions immeasurable.


    Your Website:

    Google's 'click-through' rate for paid ads reaches 6% of clicks while Google delivers a search 'organic rankings' at 94% of searches.  This means that with fresh video content linked through your page, you greatly and organically increase your search engine optimization.


    Email Blast Campaigns:

    In Wistia email blast tests, emails containing a video thumbnail with a play button had a 22% higher click-through rate.  Whether providing video that elaborates the email content or providing completely additional video content to your email blasts, simply adding it consistently shows to increase engagement.


    Expos and Presentations:

    To stand out at an industry specific expo saturated with competitors or a presentation, using the highest quality medium available is a "no-brainer".  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

    In addition to your presentation or display, potential clients can be easily engaged instead of easily walking by.


    RFP's and Project Proposals:

    Standing out in a pile of proposals might mean showing what and why you are instead of just typing it onto a proposal.  Including a link, a QR code or a video thumbnail can prove that's more to be proposed than just the binary copy.


    QR Codes:

    Add more than just the print information on any print advertising by including a scannable Quick Reference Code that can easily be scanned by a mobile device leading the client to a video right there where they stand or sit.  QR codes can be utilized on placemat advertisements at a local diner, brochure printouts, real estate listings or anywhere mobile devices and their humans travel.

  • What is the ROI of a video production?

    Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile online traffic.  By 2020, that number will change to over 75%.  Every day, over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube, over 500 million on Facebook and over 82% of Twitter users watch video content.

    While 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media, the 5 year ROI for a small business on properly using social media is that the business will exist in five years.  "The question is not whether we use social media.  The question is how well we do it." - Erik Qualman socialnomics expert


Tell your story with the artists who specializes in