About Lionize Productions, LLC "If you are not climbing, you are sliding. If you are not growing, you are dying". - Anthony Robbins
After 20 other jobs, a calling to help other small businesses By MELINDA RIZZO, May 2, 2016 at 8:00 AM

By pursuing his own passion and making a living while doing it, a Sellersville man is fierce about helping other small businesses create livelihoods while pursuing their dreams.

After all, he didn’t find his dream job until running through about two-dozen other occupations.

Matthew Stumpf, founder of Lionize Productions LLC, makes documentary-style videos that tell his customer’s stories.

A full-service media company, Lionize Productions offers web-based marketing, advertising, social media marketing and product endorsement platforms, website landing pages and video documentary clips for use in digital media and product or service promotion.

In 2009, and inspired by his late father’s passion for filmmaking, Stumpf pursued his dream of creating a niche media and filmmaking business to serve small-business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2013, he took on the business full time.


PHOTO/JOE FERRY/ Matthew Stumpf of Lionize Productions says the influence of online video documentaries to sell goods or services is growing exponentially.

“My father was a hobbyist photographer [and] artist who passed away after 30 years at a blue collar job, never making it to retirement and never having the chance to live his dreams or fund life through his passions,” Stumpf said.

Matthew Stumpf said that he had held 21 jobs the time he was 21. Then, after working for eight years on a trash truck, Stumpf’s work-life epiphany took shape – with the fledgling idea of creating a company whose goal was to help other business owners realize their professional goals and dreams.

“After three years, I haven’t looked back,” he said.

Ryman Maxwell, owner of Down to Earth Café and The Bread Box Bakery in Perkasie, said Stumpf has transformed his company’s simple website landing page into an integrated, interactive tool for both businesses.

“From linking the sister operations – the bakery also produces baked goods for the restaurant – and creating flexible social media forums, the new website is expected to significantly grow both businesses,” Maxwell said.

Recognizing his own business success is directly tied to that of his clients, Stumpf takes an immersive approach to familiarizing himself with his customers’ needs before translating their message to consumers.

Lesia Petrizio said Stumpf doesn’t arrive with pre-formed opinions, solutions or a canned approach to her marketing needs. Petrizio owns Mind, Body & Soul Fitness LLC, based in Sellersville.

“Matthew spent time with me and knows what my values are,” Petrizio said.

Only after several face-to-face meetings and a lot of listening did Stumpf set to work, creating her marketing strategy and filming documentary clips for online use, Petrizio said.

“His video makes it so you [the viewer] are there. His talent … enables my clients to see what I can’t tell them in words,” Petrizio said.

Stumpf said the impact of online video documentaries to sell goods or services is growing exponentially.

“With 60 percent or more [of businesses] needing video on a landing page, customers and potential customers are more likely to see their services,” he said.

If a consumer likes what he sees, he’s more likely to buy and tell others about it, too.

Creating online video advertisements or documentaries to engage consumers sets a precedent, which is difficult for those without such content to match.

Stumpf said his company creates a strategy. Product sales tactics take on the role of business philosophy and mission statement, creating a way to engage potential consumers.

He said his business philosophy is to encourage success and entrepreneurship for small businesses by translating clients’ passion into promoting their business.

“When you provoke this kind of behavior and support from local small-business owners, you do more than help boost your local economy,” Stumpf said. “You affect its morale, its spirit and ultimately its passion and culture.”


Matthew Stumpf
Owner/Media Artist

A filmmaking hobbyist since the age of thirteen, Matthew took his passion for the visual arts through years of practice in photography, digital design and video production then fused it with his strong talent as a documentarian and posed the mission of lionizing small business with big passion birthing Lionize Productions, LLC in 1997.

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